We specialize in:

Data Recovery

If you’ve lost your data on your server, computer, tablet, smart phone or even on a a USB memory stick, we can help! 

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NCR IT SERVICES is designated as a preferred partner by a Kroll Ontrack USA and Canada, industry leaders for recovery services. 

Wi-Fi based networks with Office 365 and Microsoft Cloud

NCR IT SERVICES specializes in the installation and configuration of robust and secure Wi-Fi networks utilizing a variety of platforms including Office 365.

For home based networks, NCR IT SERVICES offers a variety of solutions and hardware to serve as a robust access point for your home. We work with all sizes of homes, with all sorts of needs including outside coverage, special security, and specific signal strength points. Whatever your needs, NCR IT SERVICES makes it work. 

For medium and small size businesses, NCR can help you with that long overdue we  move from a server based network architecture on to a robust and secure Wi-Fi based platform with Microsoft Cloud and Office 365. We can also assist in setting up a powerful access point for multiple clients, you are at the right place!

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Computer and server repairs; upgrades, optimization, fine tuning and rebuild

Just because your computer is sluggish and running poorly doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for a new one. Even if you are unable to boot the computer to retrieve your data, all may not be lost. 

If your network is inoperable due to a slow Microsoft Server, you don’t necessarily have to head to the server store.

For all of these issues from merely sluggish to not operable, NCR can help – give us a call to receive a full diagnosis and a way forward.

Virus and Malware eradication

If your computer is infected by a virus or a malware and your antivirus is unable to remove it, NCR has the tools and know-how to completely clean and fix your computer. 

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7 pass military hard and solid state drive formatting

If you want to sell your computer(s) but you’re concerned that you cannot clean and erase all of your personal data on your own… you’re not alone and we can help!

NCR’s 7-pass military grade software and clean process leaves your computer clean, free from any remnant of personal information – guaranteed! 

Computer audits and forensics

If you need to investigate or to retrieve data from a computer where the data has been deleted for proof in a legal case, NCR has the unique expertise to find it for you! 

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